Aquamaniac Webdesign.
Fresh ideas.

How we do it?

Aquamaniac Webdesign specialises in clean and functional website design that works brilliantly in all browsers.

Standards compliant

How we do it? By developing websites using web standards such as XHTML and CSS, all within the guidelines of the W3C. This ensures our sites are always at the best levels of usability, readability and findability. We use our experience in design and development to build websites that rank high in search results. After all, what good is a website if no-one can find it?

Content Management

Every website is hand-coded and, using a sophisticated content management system (CMS), is easily updated by the client. We use a professional CMS to power our websites, EYE-start, by CubicEyes. This ensures a high level of service and a maximum security for you. The easy-to-use CMS is used by thousands of people and provides strength and flexibility tailor-made for you.